Organic Spicy Chai Latte 90g

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An indulgent, warming blend, the organic spices chai presents the best of Indian tea.

Chai ingredients are traditionally renowned for their detoxification and cleansing properties and can help to rid the body of bacteria. There are plenty more traditional claims on the benefits of chai spices, this includes being anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, promoting digestion and boosting metabolism. The tea has rich, yet delicate aromas of ginger that are perfectly complemented by delightful chai masala spices. Enjoy this elegant blend with hot water, milk, or even black tea.

Perfect for any time of the day!


Whisk a heaped teaspoon of the Organic Spiced Chai Latte powder with freshly boiled water (250ml), milk or black tea for 1 minute to bring out the beautiful aromas of the incredible herbs.


Organic panela sugar, ground organic true cinnamon, organic star anise, organic ground cardamom pods, organic ground cloves, salt and organic black pepper.